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Fractazmic Cards

We hope you enjoy Fractazmic as much as we enjoyed creating it. We also have other educational games that we are working on - they are really great so check back here for more information. Next game to come is PrimeBomb!

Teachers, click above to visit our Wiki site for info on how to use Fractazmic in the classroom.

Special Fractazmic Decks for Promotions

With Fractazmic Cards you can customize cards to fit your promotional needs. Start new campaigns off with a bang with special promotional Fractazmic Cards . Email us for more info.

Send Us Your Idea for New Cards

At I See Cards we love to hear what our customers think and what they want to see in the next deck. So, send us an email an let us know what you would like to see, if we like your idea, you could see your card in the next deck! Email us.

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New Games

Check out new games coming soon from I See Cards!

Fractazmic Cards Help Make Learning Math Fun:
  • Measurement
  • Fundamental Mathematics
  • Second Language
  • Memory Skills
  • Eye Hand Coordination