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When children play I See Cards, they know they're having fun, and you know that they're

I See CardsTM fosters language development, object recognition, word recognition and basic addition.

Each brightly colored card displays an object, the name of the object in English and Spanish, and a number of points. Players identify the objects and accumulate points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins !

So whether traveling near or far, be sure to pack your I See CardsTM !

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I See Card Decks Include:

  • 50 Bi-lingual playing cards (English/ Spanish)
    click here to hear translations
  • Each card clearly numbered for keeping score
  • 3 trade any cards
  • Bi-lingual instructions (English/ Spanish)

What makes I See Cards Special:

  • Language Learning Tools
  • Second Language Learning
  • Reinforce mathematics
I See Cards Are For Learning

How to play

How to Play (En Espanol)

* Deal 8 cards to each player, start when everyone is ready.
* When you see an item that is on a card in your hand, for example a Dog - say "I See a Dog"
* You can now set that card aside and draw a new card.
* Keep playing until you reach your destination or run out of cards.
* Count up the total point value from your cards - the highest total points wins.

Special Cards

The "Trade Any Cards" allows you put any cards from your hand back into the deck. Place the cards you are trading and the "Trade Any Cards" card on the bottom of the deck and draw the same number from the top.


The driver is the referee and can rule on any item that is in question. Pictures of the item outside the car also count, for example, if you have the "Dog" card and see a billboard with a picture of a dog on it, it counts the same as seeing a dog.


See our pricing | BUY NOW