7 Card Version -- Switch to 5 Card Version

To Play: Click "Deal A Card Button" until the top 7 cards are dealt. Click again to deal your play card. If you can play the card, drag and drop the card in place. If you can not play the card click "Deal A Card Button" until you can play a card. Play against your friends, whoever finishes their pyramid first wins!

Scoring: 0-2 : Awesome | 3-5 : Very Good | 5-7 : Good | 7 or greater : Better Luck Next Time !

How to play

Click here to download instructions

PyraMath is  a one or two player game that uses math and
language skills. The objective of the game is to complete
a pyramid with your cards by using fundamental mathematics.

    PyraMath Check 54 Math Learning Cards
    PyraMath Check Each card clearly numbered
    PyraMath Check Each card clearly labeled with 4 mathematical symbols addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    PyraMath Check Each card clearly labeled with English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, roman and French numerical translation and symbols.
PyraMath Have Fun Learning Math with PyraMath

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